Tobin Project selects three graduate students as 2012 Graduate Student Fellows in Democracy & Markets

February 12, 2013
Carl Gershenson

Deirdre Bloome, Carl Gershenson (pictured), and Kim Pernell were selected by the Tobin Project as 2012 Graduate Student Fellows in Democracy & Markets.

Deirdre will be conducting research on her project, "Economic Opportunity, Mobility, and Inequality in the U.S.: Public Perceptions and Preferences." Carl will be working on "Protecting Markets from Society: Financial Regulation and the Definition of Legitimate Claims on Corporations." Kim will be researching "The Context for Crisis: The Evolution of Banking Regulation in Spain, Canada, and the United States, 1980-2005."

The Tobin Project awards fellowships annually to graduate students across disciplines and institutions whose research addresses the relationship between democracy and markets. Through monthly forums in Cambridge and New Haven, the students present and discuss their work with one another for uniquely interdisciplinary feedback.