Work, Organizations, and Markets Seminar (SOC 3326 / HBSDOC 4911)

The long-standing interdisciplinary research workshop on Work, Organizations, and Markets (WOM) brings together faculty and graduate students from several Harvard departments and programs in the social sciences that study organizational phenomena, especially the Sociology Department and the GSAS Joint Program in Organizational Behavior. Its subject matter includes all three levels of analysis of concern in organizational research: individual behavior and interaction in organizational settings; the structure and action of organizations as collectivities; and the characteristics of groups, networks, or populations of organizations. Participants seek both to understand why organizations are as they are, and to understand determinants of organizational effectiveness. The workshop aims to (a) provide a supportive environment for doctoral students to present and get feedback on their work, and (b) build a community of peers whose research covers topics in macro-OB / sociology. It welcomes research at all stages of development, from preliminary research proposals to first-pass data analyses to more polished job talks.

Faculty Sponsors Peter V. Marsden, Alexandra Feldberg (HBS)
Workshop Coordinators                   Ryann Noe and Marissa Combs

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