Social Exclusion and Inclusion in Europe (CES Study Group)

The Seminar on Social Exclusion and Inclusion at the Center for European Studies invites speakers from both sides of the Atlantic to present research on a broad range of issues pertaining to the dynamics of exclusion and inclusion in Europe. This year, among other topics, we will discuss the relationship between urban space and politics, and look at beauty standards and exclusion in the modeling industry across Europe. The seminar is open to participants from across the university as well as from other institutions. In the Fall, we will meet once a month on Friday, from 2:15 to 4:00 pm.

Faculty Sponsors Michèle Lamont, Jason Beckfield (Spring 2017), Hilary Silver (Brown University), Kathrin Zippel (Northeastern University)
Workshop Coordinator Jonathan J.B. Mijs
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Email Contact Jonathan J.B. Mijs, Graduate Student
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