Culture and Social Analysis Workshop (SOC 3304)

This seminar is open to the public.

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The Culture and Social Analysis Workshop is a forum where social scientists studying culture come together to discuss their empirical research and reflect on the future of the field. The workshop provides budding scholars of culture with an opportunity to discuss their work in progress, interact with leading researchers in the field, and think through central theoretical and methodological issues in research on culture.

Since its inception in 2003—and increasingly so in recent years—the workshop has placed considerable emphasis on showcasing cross-national comparative research. This is both a function of the international orientation of the faculty organizers and the growing importance of comparative, global, and transnational research in cultural sociology. By training graduate students in rigorous comparative methods and sensitizing them to cross-national cultural heterogeneity, the workshop’s orientation closely aligns with the mission of the Weatherhead Center.

Faculty Sponsors Michèle Lamont, Ellis P. Monk, Jr.
Workshop Coordinators Elizabeth Sheprow, Shira Zilberstein, and Mari Sanchez
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Shira Zilberstein, Graduate Student
Lisa Albert, staff member