Contemporary Studies of Race & Ethnicity (SOC 3321)

The Contemporary Studies of Race & Ethnicity (CSRE) workshop's purpose is to provide a forum to disseminate knowledge and facilitate dialogue among graduate students, faculty, and visiting scholars working on or interested in research about contemporary studies related to race & ethnicity. Though the Sociology department hosts the workshop, we seek to bring scholars together across disciplines to explore topics such as ethno-racial hierarchies, racial attitudes, and intergroup relations, as well as the role of race in institutions, politics, and everyday life. The workshop will foster both a learning and collaborative space in which participants can circulate and garner feedback on works in progress, including dissertation chapters, proposals, journal article submissions, conference papers, and practice job talks.

Faculty Sponsors Ellis P. Monk, Jr., Lawrence D. Bobo
Workshop Coordinators Mari Sanchez, Meylin Gonzales Huamán, and Chelsea King
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Mari Sanchez Graduate Student