Undergraduate Courses

FALL Courses 2017!
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Introductory Courses
23 Political Sociology       
SOW 34 The Caribbean: Globalization, Socio-Economic Development & Cultural Adaptation
USW 24 Reinventing (and Reimagining) Boston: The Changing American City

Concentration Core Courses
97  Sophomore Tutorial in Social Theory
128 Models of Social Science Research (Fall only)

104 Higher Education: Institutions, Inequalities, and Contoversies
115 Media and Popular Culture
122 Social Class in the Black Community
131 Philanthropy and Nonprofit Organizations
141 Contemporary Chinese Society
143 Just Institutions
144 Economic Sociology
158 Sex, Gender and Sexuality
181 Social Change in Modern Korea
186 Refugees in Global Perspective

Cross Listed
WGS 1224 Gender and Fandom

Freshmen Seminars
FS 43H White Collar Blues?: Work in the Age of Flexible Capitalism (freshmen only)
FS 43J Social Science and American Social Problems

Junior Tutorials
98KA Arts, Culture, and Urban Neighborhoods
98TA Studying Up: Privilege, Elite Education, and Inequality
98LA Media, Society, and Social Change

92R Faculty Research Assistant
99   Senior Tutorial (Thesis, 2 semesters)