SPRING Courses 2018!
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Introductory Courses 
24 Intro to Social Inequality
SOW 44 Human Trafficking
AAAS 10 Intro to African American Studies

Concentration Core Courses
97  Sophomore Tutorial in Social Theory
156 Quantitative Methods in Sociology (spring only)

106 Humanitarian Activism and Civil Society
112 Men, Women, and Work
130 Higher Education Policy and Service: On Campus and Beyond
133 War, Revolution, and Organized Crime: In Theory, in Film, and in Reality
135 Education and Culture
140 Identity, Inequality, and Social Media
146 Death by Design: Inequalities in Global Perspectives
157 Qualitative Methods in Sociology
174 Inequality and Society in Contemporary Japan
175 Sociology of Immigration
182 Law and Society
184 Scientific Discoveries and Controversies
189 Democracy and Social Movements in East Asia

90I Research Lab: Immigration
92R Faculty Research Assistant
99 Senior Tutorial (Thesis, 2 semesters)

Cross Listed
AAAS 158X The Key to Making It: Educational Progress and Barriers among Black Americans

Junior Tutorials
98DA Collective Identity
98M Social Class in the US: Identity, Culture, and Consciousness
98LB Health: Power, Politics, and Culture