SPRING Courses 2020!
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Introductory Courses 

Sociology 1023 Political Sociology
Sociology 1025 Sociology of Organizations
Sociology 1058 Sex, Gender, and Sexuality

Concentration Core Courses

97  Sophomore Tutorial in Social Theory
128 Models of Social Science Research

1103 Environment and Inequality
1106 Humanitarian Activism and Civil Society
1121 Understanding Meritocracy
1123 Social Movements
1132 Global and Transnational Sociology
1135 Education and Culture
1138 The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict: Contemporary Socio-Legal Aspects
1139 Religion, Politics, and Society
1144 Economic Sociology
1148 Race and Ethnicity in Global and Comparative Perspective
1157 Qualitative Methods in Sociology
1174 Inequality and Society in Contemporary Culture
1175 Immigration and American Society
1186 Refugees in Global Perspective
1187 Nationalism and Ethnic Diversity

90Z Research Lab: Inequality
92R Faculty Research Assistant
99 Senior Tutorial (Thesis, 2 semesters)

Cross Listed
AAAS 158X The Key to Making It: Educational Progress and Barriers Among Black Americans
GenEd 1115: Human Trafficking

Junior Tutorials
98BF Race and Bureaucracy
98SE Ethnography of Social Movements
98WE Poverty