FALL Courses 2019!
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Introductory Courses 
Sociology 1024 Social Inequality
Sociology 1026 Global Social Change
Sociology 1046 Life and Death in Design

Concentration Core Courses
97  Sophomore Tutorial in Social Theory

1112 Men, Women, and Work
1113 Latinx Identity, and Mobility
1114 Racial Inequality and Public Policy
1119 Leadership and Social Change: Lessons from and for Boston
1122 Social Class in the Black Community
1124 Immigration and Gender
1126 Sociology in the Age of "Big Data"
1131 Philanthropy and Nonprofit Organizations
1131 War, Revolution, and Organized Crime
1141 Contemporary Chinese Society
1142 Sociology of Asian Americans
1152 Conflict, Justice, and Healing
1153 Subcultures
1167 Sociology of Law
Gen Ed 1039 Higher Education: Students, Institutions and Controversies
Gen Ed 1019 The Caribbean Crucible

90I - Immigration 
92R Faculty Research Assistant
99 Senior Tutorial (Thesis, 2 semesters)

Cross Listed
AAAS 197 Poverty, Race, and Health
Psy 15 Social Psychology (may count as intro course if taken for letter grade)

Junior Tutorials
98DA Collective Identity
98ME Sports and Violence
98TA Elite Education and Inequality