FALL Courses 2021!

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Introductory Courses 
Sociology 1046* Life and Death by Design

Concentration Core Courses
Sociology 97 Sophomore Tutorial

Soc 1104: Sociology of Higher Ed
Soc 1112: Men, Women, and Work
Soc 1131: Philanthropy and the Nonprofit Sector
Soc 1136: Work and Culture
Soc 1152: Conflict, Justice, and Healing
Soc 1157: Qualitative Methods
Soc 1159: Ethnic Division and Segregation: Causes, Expressions, and Consequences
Soc 1163: Pursuing Truth and Justice: Principles and Methods of Equity through Inquiry
Soc 1166: Sociology of Poverty
Soc 1173: Sociology of Development
Soc 1177: Nationalism and the Nation-State
Soc 1181: Social Change in Modern Korea
Soc 1186: Refugees in Global Perspective



Soc 90I Research Lab: Immigration
92R Faculty Research Assistant
99 Senior Tutorial (Thesis, 2 semesters)

Cross Listed
Gen Ed 1092: American Public Policy and Society
Gen Ed 1019: Caribbean Crucible

Junior Tutorials**
Soc 98AC: The Future of Work
Soc 98DA: Collective Identity

*counts as intro when taken for letter grade
**assigned by lottery