Urban Poverty and the City

The Neighborhood Effect

The Neighborhood Effect

November 5, 2012

25 years after William Julius Wilson changed urban sociology, scholars still debate his ideas. Is anyone else listening?

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2013 Mar 14

Monica Bell and Eva Rosen

4:30pm to 6:00pm

An Urban Social Processes Workshop presentation by Monica Bell on "Crippled Motherhood: Disadvantaged Families and the Calculated Risk of State Supervision" and Eva Rosen on "The Rules of the Game: Landlords and the Geographic Sorting of Voucher Holders"

William James Hall 601

Orlando Patterson

Orlando Patterson

John Cowles Professor of Sociology

Research Interests: The culture and practice of freedom; the comparative study of slavery and ethno-racial relations; the sociology of underdevelopment with special reference to the Caribbean; the problems of gender and familial relations in the black societies of the Americas; the ways that cultural processes relate to poverty and other social outcomes.
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Michele Lamont

Michèle Lamont

Professor of Sociology and African and African American Studies
Robert I. Goldman Professor of European Studies

Research Interests: Cultural sociology; inequality; race and immigration; comparative sociology; the sociology of knowledge; contemporary sociological theory.

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