Christina Cross

Christina Cross

Postdoctoral Fellow in Sociology (2019-2022)
Lecturer on Sociology (2019-22)
Assistant Professor of Sociology (effective July 2022)

Research interests: Families and children, race/ethnicity, social inequality, social demography, education.... Read more about Christina Cross

644 William James Hall
33 Kirkland Street
p: 617-384-0117
Christina Ciocca Eller

Christina Ciocca Eller

Assistant Professor of Sociology and Social Studies

On Leave for the 2021-2022 Academic Year

Research Interests: Social inequality / stratification, Organizations, Education, Race/Ethnicity, Culture, Urban Sociology, Mixed Methods Research.... Read more about Christina Ciocca Eller

648 William James Hall
Harvard Sociology Department
33 Kirkland Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: 617-384-0119

Contemporary Ethnography and Inequality Workshop (SOC 3327)

The Contemporary Ethnography and Inequality Workshop advances cutting-edge, socially significant, and novel ethnographic work addressing social, economic, and political inequality. The workshop circulates, appraises, and critically evaluates research presented by leading scholars as well as works-in-progress by graduate students rigorously pursuing ethnographic inquiry and methods. The workshop is open to students and faculty from across the University as well as faculty and students from nearby Boston and Cambridge universities. While regular attendance is the norm, visitors are welcome...

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