Stefan Dimitriadis

Stefan Dimitriadis

Doctoral Student in Organizational Behavior
Stefan Dimitriadis

Research Interests: Firm performance, entrepreneurship, social networks, framing processes, institutions, emerging markets, field experiments

Stefan Dimitriadis is a doctoral candidate in the Organizational Behavior (Sociology) program.

He studies the founding, growth, and performance of organizations in emerging markets and the social sector. In the context of emerging markets, his research examines the formation of relationships between micro-firms. In particular, he is interested in how elements of space, culture, and informal institutions interact to foster the formation of relationships between micro-firms in the absence formal market-supporting institutions. In the context of the social sector, Stefan’s research sheds light on how organizations blend elements of commercial and social practices in order to achieve financial sustainability. More specifically, his research looks at the antecedents and consequences of using commercial and financial practices in social ventures. 

Before joining the PhD program at Harvard, Stefan worked as a research associate for Professor Julie Battilana at Harvard Business School. He graduated from Oxford University with an M.Phil. in Economics and from McGill University with a B.A. in Economics. Prior to that, he studied at the United World College of the Adriatic in Italy. 

More information at Stefan’s personal website.

Previous Degrees:
B.A. (Honors), Economics, McGill University
M.Phil., Economics, University of Oxford

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