Rachel Meyer

Rachel Meyer

Lecturer on Sociology
Rachel Meyer

Research InterestsSocial movements; social class; labor movements; political sociology; social change; culture and identity; labor and work; globalization; U.S. labor history; qualitative methods.

RACHEL MEYER is a Lecturer on Sociology. Meyer’s research explores changes in political economy and working-class mobilization. She is interested in the relationship between precarious workers, the neoliberal state, and social change. Her recent publications in Critical Sociology, Political Power & Social Theory and the Journal of Historical Sociology explore how collective action experiences transform working-class consciousness and subjectivity. Recently she has written, additionally, on precarious workers’ movements and on contemporary immigrant mobilizations. She has also published with colleagues at the University of Michigan on the extent and sources of ethical consumption with respect to sweatshops and workers’ rights. Meyer is currently working on a project about the relationship between workplace and community in the mid-20th century American labor movement. She received her Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Michigan in 2008.


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