Nicolette Bardele

Nicolette Bardele

Doctoral Student in Sociology
Nicolette Bardele

Research Interests: Inequality and Stratification; Crime; Incarceration; Family; Mixed Methods

Nicolette Bardele is a PhD student in Sociology. Originally from Milwaukee, she completed a B.A. in sociology and statistics at the University of Notre Dame.

As an undergraduate, Nicolette wrote her senior honors thesis on how formerly incarcerated mothers perceive and strive to fulfill their parental roles during incarceration and reentry. Her thesis sought to understand what shapes parent-child relationships in light of incarceration, how social networks function in supporting children during and following their mothers’ absence, and what characterizes the relationships between mothers and their children’s caretakers. She also interned at an NGO in New York that provides addiction treatment services to women involved in the criminal justice system.  

Nicolette is especially interested in using mixed methods to continue to study parental incarceration and reentry and hopes to augment her previous work with research on networks of and interactions between imprisoned mothers as well.

Previous Degrees:
BA in Sociology and Statistics, University of Notre Dame, 2016

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