Maleah Fekete

Maleah Fekete

Doctoral Student in Sociology
Maleah Fekete

Research Interests: Culture, Emotions, Tastes, Life-course, and Theory

Maleah Fekete is a Doctoral Student in Sociology. Maleah’s previous research investigated devoted romance-reading women. Her thesis argued that women are motivated to read by the fantasy fulfillment their novels provide and that this motivation appears especially likely to occur during “settled” periods in the life-course. 

In the future, Maleah plans to study how actors mobilize their diverse tastes to achieve their goals and find meaningful group-membership. Additionally, she is interested in deviation from prescribed cultural group-membership, especially why it happens, why certain actors are affected and others are not, and how it affects satisfaction. 

As an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, Maleah took classes in sociology, art history, rhetoric, psychology, neurobiology, comparative literature, and architecture. She speaks German and Spanish and is learning French.

Previous Degrees:
B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies with Minor in German, University of California, Berkeley

Contact Information

514 William James Hall


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