Ludmila Bogdan

Ludmila Bogdan

Associate of the Department
Ludmila Bogdan

Research Interests: human trafficking, traffickers, labor migration, social inequality, information campaigns, public behavior, trust in organizations, and sexual coercion.


Ludmila focuses her research on the interplay of labor migration, anti-trafficking campaigns, and human trafficking in Eastern Europe. She is also working on a side-research project on sexual harassment and sexual coercion of interns at the United Nations entitled “Interns at the UN: victims or strategic agents?”.

Currently, Ludmila’s primary focus is conducting interviews with imprisoned human traffickers in several European prisons. Her project aims to generate knowledge to better understand human trafficking as a process and to support current knowledge on trafficking by identifying characteristics which can predict who is more likely to become a human trafficker and to detect the differences between human traffickers and other criminal offenders.

Her book project, "Why do Counter-Trafficking Organizations Fail?", documents how human trafficking became a global epidemic; in which foreign governments, international organizations, and civil society have been pouring money, time, and resources into anti-trafficking organizations.  Nevertheless, these organizations fail. The rates of human trafficking remain appallingly high and millions of people continue to be victims of human trafficking worldwide. She explores these issues focusing on the Eastern European region which is the hub of human trafficking victims and anti-trafficking foreign aid.

Ludmila earned her Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of Vienna in 2017 and
her M.A. in International Studies at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna in 2015. She was a visiting scholar at the Institute for the Study of International Migration at Georgetown University in 2017. She gained practical experience in multilateral diplomacy and international security through positions at the Women in International Security – Austria, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova, the Millennium Challenge Corporation, the Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs, and the Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training.

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