Linda Zhao

Linda Zhao

Doctoral Student in Sociology
Linda Zhao

Research Interests: Social networks; neighborhoods; intergroup relations; inequality; health; quantitative methods; computational sociology

Linda Zhao is currently a doctoral student in Sociology. She received a master's in Statistics from Harvard in 2017 and a bachelor's in Economics from Princeton in 2013. She is motivated by an interest in the relational and spatial processes that relate to macro-patterns of inequality. She also has an interest in quantitative methods, computational sociology, and the social determinants of health. Some examples of recent work include studies on the origins and implications of homophily (such as ethnic homophily in adolescent friendship networks), a project on the role of network centrality in understanding differences in police officer actions, and research on the implications of inequality in neighborhoods for mortality and social cohesion.

Previous Degrees:
BA, Economics, Princeton University (2013)
AM, Statistics, Harvard University (2017)

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564 William James Hall

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