Fangsheng Zhu

Fangsheng Zhu

Doctoral Student in Sociology
Fangsheng Zhu

Research Interests: Intergenerational mobility, contemporary Chinese society, K-12 Education, procedural justice

Fangsheng Zhu is a doctoral student in sociology. He is interested in researching the institutions of educational opportunity, particularly the political and social rules in how parents obtain education resources for children. He received undergraduate training in engineering, sociology, and China studies at Zhejiang University, and graduate training in sociology at the University of Chicago. Fangsheng is currently working on a dissertation project, provisionally titled "Access, Selection, and Exit: Getting Education in Chinese Cities."

Previous Degrees:
A.M. Social Sciences, University of Chicago
LL.B. Sociology, Zhejiang University

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518 William James Hall

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