Derick da Silva Baum

Derick da Silva Baum

Doctoral Student in Sociology
Derick da Silva Baum
Research Interests: Social Networks, Social Movements, Inequality, Gender, and Race

Derick da Silva Baum is a Doctoral Student in Sociology at Harvard University. During his undergraduate studies, Derick worked with faculty on projects that addressed issues of race, gender, deviant behavior, social psychology, and social theory. Although his interests are broad, he expects to use social network analysis (SNA) often in his future research. For example, the study of social movements through the lens of social networks appeals to him as a potential research topic. In particular, he intends to investigate movements under a multi-layered perspective that encompasses a micro level approach concerned with issues of social psychology; a meso level outlook whose principal goal is the study of social relations with the use of SNA; and, finally, a macro level interpretation that highlights how a specific movement might reflect or contest broader trends of structural inequality.

Previous Degrees:
B.A. in Sociology and Mathematics, University of California, Santa Barbara

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