Cresa Pugh

Cresa Pugh

Doctoral Student in Sociology & Social Policy
Cresa Pugh

Research Interests: International peace and conflict, ethnic and religious minorities, social inequality, justice and punishment, globalization and transnationalism, migration and development, global human rights, collective memory and identity, political and cultural sociology, and qualitative research methods

Cresa Pugh is a Doctoral Student in Sociology & Social Policy. Her current research interests include ethnic and religious conflict in Southeast Asia, particularly Myanmar, and the role of collective memory and identity in shaping peacebuilding efforts in post-conflict societies. In her work she employs qualitative research methods—including interviews, participant observation, and focus group discussion—and most recently conducted fieldwork in Rakhine State, Myanmar, to study inequality within ethnic and religious minority communities. 

Cresa is also interested in the international criminal justice and prison landscape, with a particular focus on how neoliberal policies and globalizing forces have produced a transnational system of mass incarceration. Generally the themes and areas in which her work is situated include: international peace and conflict, political sociology, transnational studies, punishment and justice, migration and development, and global human rights. 

Her dissertation examines the legacies of colonialism and processes of decolonization through the lens of cultural materiality shared between Britain and Nigeria since the 1960s.

Previous Degrees: 
Bates College, BA, Anthropology and Religion
University of Oxford, MSc, Migration Studies

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