Cherrie Nicole Bucknor

Cherrie Nicole Bucknor

Doctoral Student in Sociology
Cherrie Bucknor

Research Interests: Social stratification and inequality; social policy; race and ethnicity; gender; labor and social movements; labor markets; political economy; crime and punishment; quantitative methods

Cherrie Bucknor is a Doctoral Student in Sociology at Harvard University. Her research interests include class, race, gender, labor unions, and social policy. In particular, she is interested in the relationship between neoliberal public policies and racial, economic, and gender inequality, especially in a U.S. context. Her current research focuses on extended family wealth, poverty, race, and homeownership.

Cherrie has previously worked as a Research Associate at the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) in Washington, DC. While at CEPR, Cherrie conducted research on the labor market experiences of poor and minority workers as well as the benefits of union representation. She was also a contributor to the Girl w/ Pen blog at The Society Pages and managed the large microdata extracts at

Cherrie holds a BA in Sociology from the University of Pennsylvania and an MPA from American University.

Previous Degrees:
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, University of Pennsylvania
Master of Public Administration, American University

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