Caitlin Daniel

Caitlin Daniel

Doctoral Student in Sociology
Caitlin Daniel
Research Interests: Inequality; culture; food; family; childhood; health.

Caitlin Daniel is a Ph.D. candidate in Sociology. She studies culture, inequality, family, health, decision-making, and the sociology of food. She received her B.A. in sociology and Spanish from Smith College. Before joining Harvard sociology, she studied childrearing among indigenous rural-to-urban migrants in Bolivia on a Fulbright fellowship. Daniel's mixed-methods dissertation examines parents' food choices and their implications for socioeconomic disparities in child health. Her research integrates insights from cultural sociology and behavioral economics. Daniel is also studying the social dynamics of emergency food provision at a food pantry. Daniel is a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow.

Previous Degrees:

BA, Sociology, Smith College

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