Bart Bonikowski

Bart Bonikowski

Associate Professor of Sociology
Headshot of Bart Bonikowski, Assistant Professor of Sociology.

Research Interests: Political sociology; culture; comparative and historical sociology; social networks; stratification; organizations; quantitative methods.

Bart Bonikowski is an Associate Professor of Sociology and a faculty affiliate of the Center for European Studies, the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, and the Institute for Quantitative Social Science.

Relying primarily on innovative survey and network analysis methods, his research applies insights from cultural sociology to the study of politics. Bonikowski’s most recent work examined the impact of trade and IGO networks on cross-national attitude diffusion, as well as the consequences of within- and between-country variation in popular understandings of the nation-state for political change. He is currently launching a new project on the logic of populist discourse in democratic polities, focusing on popular attitudes, media representations, and political messaging. Bonikowski’s publications have appeared in the American Sociological Review, The International Journal of Comparative Sociology, and a number of edited volumes. 



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