Barbara Kiviat

Barbara Kiviat

Doctoral Student in Sociology & Social Policy
Barbara Kiviat
Research Interests: Economic sociology; stratification; public policy and regulation; credit and debt; sociology of morality; sociology of quantification; qualitative methods

Barbara Kiviat is a Ph.D. candidate in Sociology and Social Policy.

Her research explores how ideas about right and wrong underpin market activity, and the consequences for how economic resources are allocated in society. Recent research examines how employers use credit reports in making hiring decisions and how insurance regulators decide whether it's fair for insurance companies to use new sorts of personal data in pricing policies. Previously, Barbara was a staff writer at Time magazine. She has also written for Fortune, Money, The Miami Herald, The Arizona Republic, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Reuters, Consumer Reports,, and, among other outlets.

Previous Degrees:
BA, Johns Hopkins University
MA, Columbia University
MPA, New York University

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