Anny Tazio Fenton

Anny Tazio Fenton

Doctoral Student in Sociology
Anny Tazio Fenton
Research Interests: Economic sociology; race; education; neighborhoods.

Anny Fenton hails from Maine and is a PhD student in Sociology. Her research focuses on economic sociology, education, inequality, race and ethnicity. She is currently focused on two research areas: (1) examining the effect changing community demographics has on nationalist parties in the UK and (2) how people's economic activity and relationships are influenced when they engage in new consumption practices like car sharing and time banks that blur the line between private and public goods and services. Prior to entering the PhD program, Fenton worked as a management consultant for PA Consulting Group. She holds an AB in Sociology (magna cum laude) from Cornell University.

Previous Degrees: 

BA, Cornell University

Contact Information

564 William James Hall
p: (207) 712-4884

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