Andreja M. Siliunas

Andreja M. Siliunas

Andreja Siliunas

(Sociology & Social Policy)
Ph.D. Date: May 2022 (Expected)
Dissertation Title: National Imaginaries in Transnational Perspective: A Case Study of Public Art in Vilnius, Lithuania
Dissertation Committee: Mario L. Small (Chair), Bart Bonikowski (New York University), and Peggy Levitt (Wellesley)
Research/Teaching Interests: Culture; nationalism; transnationalism; visual culture; social and semantic networks; social policy; inequality; public and non-profit organizations

Andreja's dissertation examines how transnational relations have impacted the formation of national narratives in Lithuania since independence was declared from the Soviet Union. It is a case study of public art objects that were installed from 1990 to 2019 in the city of Vilnius.

In other work, Andreja studies social service providing agencies from a network perspective, considering how funding and other elements of social policy environments constrain public and non-profit organizations’ capacity to broker ties between people and organizations in the United States. She uses a range of methods in her research, including interviews, ethnography, archival methods, and network analysis.

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