Andreja Siliunas

Andreja Siliunas

Doctoral Student in Sociology & Social Policy
Andreja Siliunas

Research Interests: Culture; nationalism; transnationalism; visual culture; social and semantic networks; social policy; inequality; public and non-profit organizations

Andreja Siliunas is a Ph.D. candidate in Sociology and Social Policy at Harvard University. Her dissertation examines how transnational relations have impacted the formation of national narratives in Lithuania since independence was declared from the Soviet Union. It is a case study of public art objects that were installed from 1990 to 2019 in the city of Vilnius. In other work, she studies social service providing agencies from a network perspective, considering how funding and other elements of social policy environments constrain public and non-profit organizations’ capacity to broker ties between people and organizations in the United States. She uses a range of methods in her research, including interviews, ethnography, archival methods, and network analysis.

Previous Degrees:
BA, Sociology, College of Wooster

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