Luisa L. Heredia

(Sociology, June 2008)
Thesis Title: Faith in Action: The Catholic Church and the Immigrant Rights Movement, 1980-2007
Committee: Mary C. Waters (chair), William Julius Wilson, and Jennifer Hochschild
Initial Placement: Post Doctoral Fellow, University of California Riverside; Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow of Latino Studies, Department of Social and Cultural Analysis, New York University
Current Position: The Joanne Woodward Chair in Public Policy, Sarah Lawrence College, Bronxville, New York

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Elisabeth Jacobs

(Sociology, June 2008)
Thesis Title: Family Economic Insecurity in the United States
Committee: Christopher Jencks (chair), Theda Skocpol, William Julius Wilson, Katherine Newman
Initial Placement: American Sociological Association Congressional Fellow (with the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pension/Senator Kennedy)
Current Position: Senior Director for Family Economic Security at the Center for Equitable Growth
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Jee Young Kim

(Sociology, June 2008)
Thesis Title: Governance Beyond Borders: Anti-Sweatshop Regulation in Vietnam's Fashion and Footwear Industries
Committee: Martin K. Whyte (chair), Frank Dobbin, Regina Abrami
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, Sociology, Chinese University of Hong Kong