Liberal Arts

Allison Daminger

Allison P. Daminger

(Sociology & Social Policy, May 2022)
Thesis Title: Thinking Gender: The Cognitive Dimension of Household Labor
Committee: Alexandra A. Killewald (Co-Chair), Jocelyn Viterna (Co-Chair), Michèle Lamont, and Kathleen Gerson (New York University)
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor, Sociology Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison (effective Fall 2022)... Read more about Allison P. Daminger

Blythe George

Blythe Katelyn George

(Sociology & Social Policy, March 2020)
Thesis Title: Tribal Lands, Tribal Men, and Tribal Responsibilities: World Renewal Fathers with Criminal Records and Their Perceptions of Work and Fatherhood On- and Off-Reservation
Committee: William Julius Wilson (Chair), Alexandra A. Killewald, Mario Luis Small, and Megan Comfort (RTI)
Initial Placement: Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Berkeley (2020-21); Assistant Professor of Sociology in the School of Social Sciences Humanities and Arts, University of California, Merced (effective fall 2021)

Eunsil Oh

Eunsil Oh

(Sociology, May 2018)
Thesis Title: Defining Female Achievement: Gender, Class, and Work in Contemporary Korea
Committee: Mary C. Brinton (Chair), Alexandra A. Killewald, Paul Y. Chang, and Jocelyn Viterna
Initial Placement: Lecturer on Sociology, Sociology Department, Harvard University; Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Institute for Social Development Studies, Yonsei University
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Sociology of Contemporary Korea, Department of Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison