Alexandra Feldberg

Alexandra Feldberg

Doctoral Student in Organizational Behavior
Alexandra Feldberg
Research Interests: Organizations; gender; diversity; sociology of knowledge; knowledge management.

Alexandra (Allie) Feldberg is a Doctoral Candidate in the Organizational Behavior program, jointly offered between Harvard Business School's Organizational Behavior unit and Harvard University's Sociology department.

She uses multiple research methods to advance two streams of research related to diversity in organizations. In the first stream, she focuses on the interplay between gender, knowledge, and individuals' careers within organizations. In the second stream, she investigates different forms of discrimination and interventions to remedy this discrimination. Her research projects have spanned industries: from financial services to retail to hospitality.

Before beginning her PhD, Allie worked as a management consultant at Katzenbach Partners, a staff member at Columbia University, and an Education Pioneers Fellow with Teach For America. She graduated from Columbia University with a BA in history. For more information, please visit Allie's personal website.

Previous Degrees:
Columbia University BA History Summa Cum Laude

Contact Information

Harvard Business School Doctoral Programs, Wyss House, Soldiers Field, Boston, MA 02163
p: (617) 449-8584

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