Re-Shaping American Identity

November 29, 2017
Tomas Jimenez

Tomás Jiménez, PhD ’05, doesn’t think Americans are rolling up the welcome mat for new immigrants.  In his new book, The Other Side of Assimilation, Jiménez posits that it’s not just immigrants who are changed by their assimilation into American life, but also the established communities who are changed by the immigrants in their midst.

As a PhD student, Jiménez was part of the second cohort of students affiliated with the Multidisciplinary Program in Inequality and Social Policy based at Harvard Kennedy School. He says that this program, and his mentor Mary Waters, the John L. Loeb Professor of Sociology at Harvard University, had a profound impact on his approach to research.

“I was encouraged to do solid research, and to make it relevant to both an academic and a policy audience,” says Jiménez.

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