Certificates of Distinction and Excellence

September 26, 2017
Grad student teaching award recipients
The Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning annouced their awards for Certificates of Distinction and Excellence for courses taught during the spring 2017 term.  

Recipients of the Certificates of Distinction are graduate students, Aaron Benavidez, Kristina Brant, Matthew Clair, Laura Kremen Adler, Nina Gheihman, Siobohan Greatorex-Voith,  Bo Yun Park, Miguel Quintana Navarrete, Meghan Zacher, and Letian Zhang.  Certificates of Excellence were awarded to lecturers Matthew Kaliner, Manja Klemencic, Paul May, and Benjamin Sosnaud.

The recepients will be honored a reception to be held in October.  (Note:  The photo shown was taken at last year's Q Awards Reception.)