Urban Data Lab (SOC 313)

Professors Robert Sampson and Mario Small are organizing a small lab to support research by students and post-docs examining a subset of topics regarding the urban condition in the 21st century. Students enrolled in the lab must be working on one of the following datasets: the Project on Human Development in Chicago Neighborhoods, the Los Angeles Family and Neighborhood Survey, the project on Twitter Data and Human Mobility, and the project on Alternative Measures of Resource Access in Poor Neighborhoods. The lab is organized around two themes: big data (fall) and the comparative analysis of urban dynamics in Chicago and LA (spring). Students will meet to discuss readings and present papers to other in the working lab.

Enrollment requires permission of the instructors. Select Thursdays at 4:30 pm.

Faculty SponsorsRobert J. Sampson, Mario L. Small
Workshop CoordinatorsN/A
Mailing ListN/A
Email ContactsRobert J. Sampson, faculty, and Mario L. Small, faculty