Culture and Social Analysis Workshop (SOC 304)

The Culture and Social Analysis workshop's purpose is to bring together, and facilitate exchange between, faculty, graduate students, and visitors working on a range of topics pertaining to the study of cultural products, forms, and processes. We encourage each participant to circulate a paper in progress and to discuss various aspects of his/her work. We also host a number of outside speakers; local, national, and international. Racial identity, poverty and inequality, collective memory, meaning-making, symbolic boundaries, cultural capital, class culture, disciplinary cultures, scientific and intellectual movements, media studies, popular culture, and cognition are illustrative of the topics that are on our agenda. You can take the workshop for credit, or not. While regular attendance is the norm, visitors are welcome.

Faculty Sponsor Michèle Lamont, Bart Bonikowski
Workshop Coordinators Laura Adler, Bo Yun Park, Derek Robey
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Email Contact Lisa McAllister