Undergraduate Courses

Spring Courses 2017!
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Introductory Courses
24  Social Inequality        
25  Sociology of Organizations
27  Social Movements

Concentration Core Courses
97  Sophomore Tutorial in Social Theory
156 Quantitative Methods in Sociology (offered spring semester only)

106 Humanitarian Activism and Civil Society
113 Student Activism in Comparative Perspective
117 Social Trauma and Collective Identity
121 The Pursuit of Community in America
125 Personal Networks
135 Education and Culture
140 Identity, Inequality and Social Media
144 Economic Sociology
146 Death by Design: Health Inequalities in Global Perspective
180 Law, Science, and Society in America
182 Law and Society
186 Refugees in Global Perspective
196 Multiculturalism and Integration in Europe and Beyond

Cross Listed
AAAS 197 Poverty, Race, and Health  

Freshmen Seminars
FS 48E Health and Mental Health in Everyday Life (freshmen only)

Junior Tutorials
98CA Culture and Criminal Justice
98M  Social Class in the US: Identity, Culture, and Consciousness
98SB The Social Determinants of Health

92R Faculty Research Assistant
99   Senior Tutorial (Thesis, 2 semesters)